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Paget Suzuki Strings – Violin Studio


Paget Suzuki Strings – Violin Studio is a private one teacher studio run by Suzuki Violin Teacher Jyrki Pietila; established in 2003. Paget Suzuki Strings works in alliance with the Bermuda School of Music and Bermuda Suzuki Association.

Paget Suzuki Strings provides high quality individual violin instruction to all age groups of children and even to adult students in a warm, encouraging and enjoyable learning environment. Our curriculum follows the key principals of the Suzuki Method ®, by creating a learning environment for violin playing in the same method as we learn our own mother tongue, hearing and seeing and then imitating.

Suzuki Violin Teacher Jyrki Pietila has over 30 years of experience of working with children and teaching violin playing. Several of his students have gone on to select music as their future career. Mr. Pietila earned his Masters Degree in Pedagogue and Performance in Helsinki Conservatory of Music 1987. He studied Suzuki Method in Japan with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki 1987-1988, graduating as a Suzuki Violin Teacher 1988. Mr. Pietila was granted status as a European Teacher Trainer 1991. He was a founding member, violin teacher and artistic director of Uudenmaa Suzuki Institute in Finland 1989-96. He has taught workshops and International Conferences in Finland, France, Scotland, Korea, Ireland and United States. Along with his teaching experience, he enjoys performing as a chamber and orchestral musician.

Jyrki Pietila joined former Dunbarton School of Music in Bermuda 1996, later on working for Bermuda Conservatory of Music and Bermuda School of Music as a Suzuki Violin Teacher.

The Academic yearin Paget Suzuki Strings follows the typical Bermuda School calendar. Year is divided into three terms totaling 36 weeks per year. Individual lessons are scheduled once a week starting from 30 minutes with the youngest beginners going up in 15 minute increments when they are ready for a longer lesson.Group lessonsare held together withBermuda School of Musicviolin groups.

The Application process for enrollment into our program starts with a parent interview and evaluation for readiness with the youngest children. The Studio has a limited number spaces in the program for students. Parents are expected to complete a Parent Orientation Program before a child can start his or her own individual lessons. This program lasts typically 6 weeks.

Fee structure in Paget Suzuki Strings is based on an hourly rate defined annually and multiplied with length of a lesson and number of weeks in the term. A registration fee of $35.00 will apply to new enrollments. Students are charged a small fee to cover the cost of end of the term recital.


Jyrki Pietila