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Johannes Köhr K500 Violin or Viola 

Johannes Köhr K500  . Our most popular student instrument! Best value in student instrument market, period. Good, even tonal quality; plenty of resonance throughout, with fine sound projection. Handmade! This is a 'real' violin / viola, no sustitution materials used. Glossy, rich reddish-brown finish.

Violin sizes 4/4 - 1/32, including 7/8 available. Viola sizes 12" - 17" available. 

Violin Only $ 639.00

Violin Outfit $ 730.00.  Comes with Glasser 299-WH Fiberglass Bow and #399 Shaped ‘Core-case’

Viola Only $860.00  (12"- 17") 

Viola Outfit $1,075.00  (12"- 17"). Comes with Glasser 309WH Fiberglass bow and Core C399V case.