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Supplies You Need to Start Violin Lessons


This list is specifically tailored for students and parents starting our Suzuki Violin Program. In the beginning you will need several supplies to get started with your violin lessons and it will cost some money.  Once you have them, they should last a while so that you don't need to be buying something every month.  Strings Inn Violin Shop carries most of these supplies. The supplies that we don't carry, or that your teacher will supply directly to you, are marked in green color.    

§ A good quality instrument that is the correct size. Have the teacher measure the student. Strings Inn Violin Shop can also assist you with measuring and make a recommended for the correct size. Correct instrument size is extremely important, if you are serious about your violin playing. All adult students don't necessarily start with a full size violin. Try to discourage grandparents, friends etc. from buying you or your child a violin without consulting the teacher first. Their intention might be good, but they will likely get you either the wrong size of instrument or an instrument that doesn't meet the teachers quality criteria. The choices are either to rent an instrument or to purchase one. Strings Inn Violin Shop  rents and sells high quality student instruments at affordable prices. If you are purchasing your instrument from your own sources overseas, make sure that you have a professional to go with you to test play the instrument. A violin set needs to have a minimum of: a case, instrument, bow, rosin and a cleaning cloth.

§  Parent Training Violin.  These are also available to rent in Strings Inn Violin Shop. If you have your instrument, show it to your teacher, before your start Parent Orientation. Your teacher can tell you if it needs any repairs, new strings etc. Our repair shop can help you with any of these problems. 

§   Shoulder rest. Ask your teacher what kind of shoulder rest would work best for  you or your child.  

§   Digital Metronome-Tuner for tuning your violin(s) at home. Availble from Strings Inn 

§  Suzuki Violin School Book, Vol.1 plus Listening CD. Revised Edition (Violin Part). Available from Music Box, or Barnes& 

§  "Nurtured by Love" by Shinichi Suzuki. This is mandatory reading for all Suzuki parents. Available from Music Box, or Barnes& 

§  Lesson Note Book. This is for parents to write down notes at the lesson. A small bound one with lots of pages is the best. You can get this in your local stationary store. 

§  Foot Chart to mark how a child should stand while playing or while in rest position. You teacher should supply this for you.   

§  Nail clippers to go in your violin case. Nothing ruins you violin strings faster than long nails. Available from your local pharmacy. 

§  Violin Lesson Bag, to hold all supplies to go to your lesson. Your own source.